Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Is Comming!

December 14, 2008

The countdown begins… Only 3 more days until we return to civilization in Dallas Texas!!!
And maybe visit some family and friends while we're there too.

But here in North Dakota Dusty and I are enjoying the winter holiday.

We baked Christmas cookies:

Survived a mini blizzard and enjoyed a day of canceled church on the couch.

And Dusty's new favorite winter outdoor activity… shoveling the driveway!

I am definitely ready to come home to some warm 60 degree weather for Christmas!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

You Drive me CRAZY....

December 5, 2008

The things I sacrifice for my unborn child....

Coming to Minneapolis April 3, 2008
Baby Butler expected to arrive…. April 10, 2008

I don’t think we will be making the 4 and ½ hour trip to Minneapolis this year.
Hopefully Britney will come back next year!!! But just know, I am very VERY heartbroken!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Butlers are still alive....

November 23, 2008

Don’t worry, for all those who thought I disappeared into the nothingness of North Dakota, the Butlers are still alive. And I figure it might be time to update our blog. Here’s what you missed over the past 5 months:

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Some extra exciting news… Can you guess how many people are in this picture? I know most of you already know.

Dusty’s been working on an special project in the garage…. He built this bassinet from scratch. I'm so proud of him, it looks beautiful!

AND... It's a GIRL!!! Little Baby Butler will be here April 10th!

Scary Skeleton Baby!! She was moving around so much that we couldn't get very many good pictures. We saw it was a girl but she wouldn't hold still long enough to get any proof and then she crossed her ankles for the rest of the time, I think she was trying to be modest. At one point she put her hand in the air and wiggled her fingers, she was definitely waiving to us!!!

In case my mom asks, this is NOT a polygamist costume. And that is not a polygamist hairstyle that took me a really long time to do. But on a side note how do they get their hair so big?

For Halloween Dusty dressed up as his favorite holiday.. Christmas! He walked around singing Christmas carols and sprinkling fake snow over everyone while I expressed my concern over the children and how worried we are.

Because we will have a new little baby soon Dusty and I thought it best to move into a house where we didn't share a wall with loud partying college boys. So we moved into this beautiful home just around the corner. I absolutely love it!

Dusty posted more photos of the inside on his blog.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Good Looking Pilot

July 16, 2008

YEA for Dusty!!!
He flew completely alone for the first time this week and came home in one piece!!!

I love you baby!!

4th of July, Texas style

July 15, 2008

I think I can say this has been the best 4th ever. We split the coast of fire works with a few friends and put on our own awesome show!

First we did a little car modeling at the car show in town.

Then we went to a ward picnic with some friends.

So we might have gone a little over board with the fire works this year. But hey, when you live in a state where there is no such thing as illegal fire works at a ridiculously cheap price who wouldn’t?

Anna vs. The Bottle Rocket

I tried setting off a bottle rocket for the first time!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Saturday June 28, 2008

I have a little confession, I’ve become SERIOUSLY obsessed with my new book series, Twilight. It’s wonderful!!! A love story about a girl who falls in love with a vampire written by an author from BYU. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Vampires? Really Anna?” But I’m sure most of you read Harry Potter or you at least saw the movies didn’t you? And that was about wizards… right? I recommend stopping everything you’re doing right now and start reading Twilight. I promise once you start you won’t be able to put it down! I read it in only 4 days. (Much through my husband’s protests. He can’t wait to have a wife back) Anyone who doesn’t know about this book you must must MUST read it.

And anyone who has heard of this splendid book but hasn’t read it – You should be ashamed of yourself! What are you waiting for?

I’m biting my nails for book four to come out in August and for the Twilight movie in December. Only 168 more days!


June 27, 2008

Ok so I have to admit, I’ve kinda had enough of this whole Blogging thing. But at my husband’s request I’ll keep going. It’s been almost a month since the last time I posted but I promise you didn’t miss anything.

We went to Texas: Hung out with family and friends

Gave away Grey to a wonderful home, and miss her terribly!!!

I also started a new job. Yes that’s right, this is job No. 3 for Anna since we’ve moved to North Dakota. But this time I’m here to stay. I now work at a very professional attorney’s office in town. I do real estate law which I have no experience in but I love learning. It’s been stressful but every one is so supportive and very patient.

Dusty started taking his private pilot license this summer. And next week he’ll fly on his own for the first time!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two More Weeks!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Only two more weeks until Dusty and I come home to Texas! I am so excited! I already have a small list of things I look forward to doing:

1. Visit the Temple
2. Eat at On The Boarder (North Dakota doesn't know what true Mexican food is)
3. Shop at DSW
4. Hang out with family and friends
5. Eat at On the Boarder
6. Drive the speed limit (People here think 5 under is the speed limit.)

The reason we’re coming home is to give away our Grey dog, which I'm very sad about. But our home and yard is too small for all her energy. So she's going to live with Jared and Vanessa in Texas where she can enjoy playing with their boys William and Parker, and going to the bathroom during the winter with out getting frost bite on her tooshie.

We bought a new dog bed so now Mira, Grey and Lynus think they have to all share one bed.

Spring brought us a WONDERFUL Surprise!!

This weekend has just become the best weekend since we moved to North Dakota.... Why you ask?? Our grumpy neighbors finally moved out!!! I thought about taking a picture of their moving truck but that might not have gone over so well. They lived here for 7 years and we recently found out every one else on our corner was happy to see them leave to.

Now only 8 more months until we can move out!

It's finally spring here! Look at all our green grass.... on our neighbor's side.

We actually don't have any grass because our neighbors killed it all last summer with their trampoline and sand box. But Dusty put up this beautiful fence so the dogs can play out side. They love it and so do I!!!

Lynus trying to break out.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home of the Brave

Sunday March 30, 2008

Last week Dusty was awarded a full tuition scholarship. In accepting he was contracted into the UND Army ROTC. We are so excited to be one step closer to our goals!

This is Dusty being sworn in.

As an initiation they made him do push ups.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Fever

Sunday March 16, 2008

Ok, so it’s been awhile, I’ve been really busy. I quit the construction company (finally) and now I’m working for one out of only two orthodontist in town, Dr. Nord. I answer phones, make appointments and man the front desk. I haven’t actually met the Doctor yet, he’s been away on sick leave but I hear he’s pretty shy. All the girls are very friendly, much better than my last office. I actually have people to talk to and a person to train me. I started last week but Monday will be my first real day. It’ll be Dr. Nord’s first day back in 4 weeks, so I’m imagining a pretty stressful week.

This Spring Break was definitely the best ever. Dusty and I drove 15 hours to Idaho then 3 hours to Salt Lake and 18 hours back home. (Personal Note: Next family vacation we’ll absolutely be flying) It was so much fun to see all the places and things Dusty did during his summer vacations in Idaho. We went snowmobiling one day (not my personal favorite.) We got caught in a snow storm on the mountain and I gradually found out my coat was NOT water proof. So by the time we got back I was completely soaked and covered in ice.
On Monday we drove down to Salt Lake and stopped by the Logan Temple. It’s one of my favorites. It was just so peaceful and beautiful. In Utah we got to do a session in the Salt Lake Temple which is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was little. The detail and art work was so amazing. Everything there was hand carved and hand painted it was just breath taking to see all the work and intricate detail the saints did to make it a spiritual place.

Dusty told me to look pretty for the camera.

I also went skiing one day while Dusty snowboarded. Just a little advice, if you haven’t been skiing in almost 8 years you might want a refresher class before you hit the slopes. I discovered I wasn’t very good at stopping, something you need when going down a very steep hill.

Wednesday Dusty and I drove down to Provo to see BYU and hang out with my Jillie Billy and Kyle Weaver. I love the Weavers! They took us to Red Robins an amazing burger place. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates a finely grilled burger and all you can eat fries. And finally we went out to a REAL movie theater. One with true stadium seating and that had more than 45 seats.

Dusty four-wheeling at Grandma and Grandpa Long's

Lynus after a run through the cow pasture

Dylan and Andin snuggling with Mira

Over all I'd say this vacation was definitely worth every penny. The ride home was alittle depressing. There was gradually more and more snow until finally we hit a snow and ice storm right outside of Fargo. It knocked 6 cars into the ditch, 2 of which had rolled. So back to wonderfully cold North Dakota. There’s some hope of spring. We can finally see patches of grass!!