Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two More Weeks!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Only two more weeks until Dusty and I come home to Texas! I am so excited! I already have a small list of things I look forward to doing:

1. Visit the Temple
2. Eat at On The Boarder (North Dakota doesn't know what true Mexican food is)
3. Shop at DSW
4. Hang out with family and friends
5. Eat at On the Boarder
6. Drive the speed limit (People here think 5 under is the speed limit.)

The reason we’re coming home is to give away our Grey dog, which I'm very sad about. But our home and yard is too small for all her energy. So she's going to live with Jared and Vanessa in Texas where she can enjoy playing with their boys William and Parker, and going to the bathroom during the winter with out getting frost bite on her tooshie.

We bought a new dog bed so now Mira, Grey and Lynus think they have to all share one bed.

Spring brought us a WONDERFUL Surprise!!

This weekend has just become the best weekend since we moved to North Dakota.... Why you ask?? Our grumpy neighbors finally moved out!!! I thought about taking a picture of their moving truck but that might not have gone over so well. They lived here for 7 years and we recently found out every one else on our corner was happy to see them leave to.

Now only 8 more months until we can move out!

It's finally spring here! Look at all our green grass.... on our neighbor's side.

We actually don't have any grass because our neighbors killed it all last summer with their trampoline and sand box. But Dusty put up this beautiful fence so the dogs can play out side. They love it and so do I!!!

Lynus trying to break out.