Friday, April 16, 2010

My Sweet Samantha

Friday, April 16, 2010

You've had a Birthday, Shout Hurray!! My little Sammy is ONE today!!
One year older and wiser too. Happy Birthday to YOU!

I'm so completely excited for my little girl today because its Baby Sammy's Birthday!! At exactly 4:21 pm on Friday, April 16th she will be ONE year old!! And what an amazing year it has been. I can't believe its already a year, WOW. Time has flown way too fast.

I know I say this all the time, but I'm so proud of my little girl and everything she has worked hard to learn this year. I am just amazed at the things she can do. She is such a blessing in our home. I have never seen a happier baby than Sammy (minus our current trip to Texas, but that's just because she misses her Daddy). She makes every day a joy, truly. We love her to pieces!

Here are a few things Samatha is currently doing:

  • Right now Samantha loves to dance. She doesn't even need music. Just say the word and she'll start twisting her shoulders and bopping her head. This girl can get down!
  • She just learned to walk and is into everything. Now I really can't get away from her because she can track me down across the house, or more like stalk me down.
  • She LOOOVES her Dad. Here in Texas she tells everyone about her Daddy and is constantly looking for him. When Dusty says "Hi" on the speaker phone her whole face lights up, the she tries to steal the phone and push buttons.
  • She calls me "Na Na" (her version of Anna) and sometimes Mommy.
  • She is constantly learning and trying out new words. Right now her favorites are (in no particular order): No, Dada, Mama, No, Doggie, Kitty, No, Thank you, Cracker, Dada, Uh-oh, Hi, Dada, Diaper, Dada, and a few others.
  • She makes the funiest faces while playing, as you've seen from my previous post.
  • She likes to give hugs. Randomly she will walk over and hug my legs... then scream loudly to be picked up.
  • Currently she is NOT a girly girl. She loves trucks, balls, cars and blocks. We've tried giving stuffed animals and dolls but she could care less. Dusty loves it, I'm hoping its just a faze.
  • She LOVES to read. Any book, even mine, she will bring to me to read saying "ooo ooo"

Samantha we love you so very much. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. Thank you for making our home a family. We are so proud of you. You make me smile every day. I am forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for you and your sweet smiling spirit. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

I LOVE that face!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo Time

Monday, April 12, 2010

We took all the grandkids for a photo session this weekend. I thought they turned out adorable. Especially Sam's! She loved sitting in this chair, I might have to buy her a rocking chair now :)

Sorry, stupid photo copyright wouldn't let me rotate this.


Monday, April 12, 2010

How does Samantha really feel about Texas Bluebonnets??

Poor girl did NOT want her pircture taken!