Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Ready

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Samantha is getting so close. I know she'll be crawling soon. Right now she can only go backwards but she is so fast. Each time I leave the room she's facing a different direction and 5 feet away when I come back and quite often she gets stuck under the furniture.

Doing some Yoga on the floor - The no arms and no legs pose.

She can hold this for a long time!

Getting help from Dad.

Yelling at Mom to "Put the camera down!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Year Older and Wiser Too

Friday, September 11, 2009

My favorite man is having a Birthday, Shout Hurray! He's tuning the BIG 26, I'm not going to sing but I want to share 26 things that I love most about you Dusty.

1. You look darn sexy in a sweater vest, and not everyone can pull that off

2. Always carry in the groceries from the car and you refuse to let me help

3. Still open the door for me every time

4.Samantha adores you

5.Samantha will ALWAYS smile for you even while she’s crying for me

6. You rub my back when I can’t sleep

7. Make me snuggle before bed even when I don’t want to

8. You get up with Samantha early so I can sleep in

9. You love my jiggly booty

10. You are always eager to make new friends

11. Have a strong and humbling testimony of our savior Jesus Christ

12. Keep our family safe with your excessive gun collection, yes I know you only have two but you would have 50 if we could afford it

13. You are the priesthood holder of our family and bless us with the things we need

14. Always hold me together when I feel like falling apart

15. You smile all day, every day, even with that goofy cheese-ball smile that I love

16. Sometimes you still act like a little kid

17. Remind us to say our prayers

18. Gave me the most beautiful and happy baby girl

19. You encourage me to be a better person

20. Everyday you show how much you love us

21. You give me comfort to know that you are always here for me

22. Christmas is your favorite holiday and you start celebrating it in October

23. You love every side of me, even the crazy panicked one

24. You listen to Britney spears and Hannah Montana in the car on road trips

25. You have an amazing singing voice

26. You are one sexy pilot!

I love you so much Dusty. You are an amazing father. Samantha and I are incredibly lucky to have you. Thank you for all that you do. We LOVE YOU! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday.

Love - Your Two Pretty Girls

My Favorite Cheese-Ball Smile

Always making that Girl Smile :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jacob vs. Edward

Friday, September 11, 2009

Its 3am and I can’t sleep, so what do I do? Come down stairs to play on the internet.

After about 10 minutes I’ve looked at every site I can think of (Not many people on Facebook at 3am.) I’m desperate and curiosity is eating my conscious. So I decide to watch the New Moon movie premier. BUT let me clarify one vital fact: Yes, I was once a Twilight fan, I admit, I attended the Breaking Dawn book release with my Edward shirt and all. But after watching Twilight…. No more. Twilight the movie KILLED my Twilight obsession. Not only did it kill, it chopped its head off and diced it into a million pieces, that’s how bad the movie was. Don’t believe me? Just ask Dusty, he’ll act it out better than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattenson. (His favorite part was the diamond skin)

Anyway, so I’m watching the New Moon premiere and I start thinking….Daaaang, Jacob looks pretty darn good! Maybe….. MAYBE even better than Edward.

Now before you come banging on my door with burning torches in hand, let me explain:

Book Edward vs. Movie Edward = two TOTALLY different people

Book Edward is the best boyfriend a girl could want – Gentlemen, Sexy, Sweet, Rich, Funny, and very Articulate.

Movie Edward - can’t decide between an English accent and a British accent. Plus the whole scrunchy/pouty face that looks like he’s about to burst into tears just doesn’t do it for me. Plus his diamond skin looks like glitter spray paint. (I wouldn't show that off buddy.)

With that said, Musclicous (not to be confused with Flexalicious, JB) Movie Jacob is very tempting. And it appears that he may be shirtless for the majority of the movie… Nice!

***Also important note, Short Hair Jacob = WAY better than Long Hair Jacob… No thank you stringy man hair.

Exhibit A:

Notice the sad, I'm going to cry face.

Pasty boy - your wash board abs don’t do it for me anymore.

Exhibit B:

Who doesn't like a boy with a tan?
Now that is one good looking wolf boy.

I am well aware that I may completely regret this blog in the morning, once I’ve overcome my sleep deprived comma.

As tribute to my husband, I am well aware these are fictional characters, as are my fictional feelings of attraction for them

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Like My Dad

September 8, 2009
These two are exactly alike. Not only are they mirror images of each other but they also sleep in the exact same positions.