Friday, October 24, 2008

The Butlers are still alive....

November 23, 2008

Don’t worry, for all those who thought I disappeared into the nothingness of North Dakota, the Butlers are still alive. And I figure it might be time to update our blog. Here’s what you missed over the past 5 months:

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Some extra exciting news… Can you guess how many people are in this picture? I know most of you already know.

Dusty’s been working on an special project in the garage…. He built this bassinet from scratch. I'm so proud of him, it looks beautiful!

AND... It's a GIRL!!! Little Baby Butler will be here April 10th!

Scary Skeleton Baby!! She was moving around so much that we couldn't get very many good pictures. We saw it was a girl but she wouldn't hold still long enough to get any proof and then she crossed her ankles for the rest of the time, I think she was trying to be modest. At one point she put her hand in the air and wiggled her fingers, she was definitely waiving to us!!!

In case my mom asks, this is NOT a polygamist costume. And that is not a polygamist hairstyle that took me a really long time to do. But on a side note how do they get their hair so big?

For Halloween Dusty dressed up as his favorite holiday.. Christmas! He walked around singing Christmas carols and sprinkling fake snow over everyone while I expressed my concern over the children and how worried we are.

Because we will have a new little baby soon Dusty and I thought it best to move into a house where we didn't share a wall with loud partying college boys. So we moved into this beautiful home just around the corner. I absolutely love it!

Dusty posted more photos of the inside on his blog.