Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming Out of Retirement

Its been almost a year and I guess its time to update the blog. Everyone needs a blogging break now and then.
A lot has happened to the Butlers in the last 10months. I won’t bore you with 50 different updates and 500 photos. Here’s a basic run down…..

Dusty graduated from UND with Bachelor of Science in Commercial Aviation
Dusty commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant for the Army
We finally got out of North Dakota
Moved in Dallas in May for the summer
Went on a small vacation to San Diego
Moved to Fort Rucker, Alabama in August for our first Army post
Expecting baby No. 2 in November and it’s a boy
Got Lynus dog back from Grandma and Grandpa Butler….put him on a diet and already lost 7lbs.
Dusty completed Basic Officer Leadership training at Fort Rucker

That about sums it up. Really didn’t miss too much.

Samantha is doing wonderful. She goes full blast and never stops…. NEVER. She talks endlessly, using big words like “actually, otherwise, apparently, escalator” She’s so excited for baby brother to be here but I’m not sure she really understands what having a baby brother really means. 

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Julie said...

I feel winded just reading your post. I lot sure has happened in the last year.

Good luck with baby # 2.